Hafen von Burg auf Fehmarn

Rent bikes, beach chairs, boats & water sports equipment on Fehmarn

On Fehmarn, you can hire beach chairs for a relaxing time on the south beach and bicycles, boats and water sports equipment for kiting or surfing. You can find out where to find which rental equipment in the articles we have compiled for you on this page.

Each post offers you an up-to-date and complete overview of all the landlords you can currently find on Fehmarn.


Rent a bike on Fehmarn: bike rental companies & routes

Fehmarn is perfect for long bike tours or short trips from one village to the next. Fehmarn has a total of 300 km of cycle paths that run across the entire island. There are various tours that have been put together by the Fehmarn Tourism Service that you can ride along. There are also charging stations for e-bikes all over the island as well as service stations where minor repairs or changes can be made to the bike. Renting a bike on Fehmarn is easy and quite affordable. There are also several providers who can deliver bikes and trailers to your doorstep across the entire island.

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Ein gemietetes Fahrrad in einer Wiese mit Blumen im Korb auf Fehmarn


Ein gemieteter Strandkorb der Inselblume Fehmarn am Südstrand

Rent a beach chair on the south beach on Fehmarn

Fehmarn's south beach is a fine sandy bathing paradise that is just as popular with locals as it is with tourists. There are a total of 5 different beach chair rental companies that have divided the south beach into 5 beach zones. Depending on where you are staying or parked, there are providers who are closer or further away. It is therefore well worth taking a look at the map we have linked to in this article to find the provider closest to you. The beach chairs for our vacation homes are all in the area near Matthias Haltermann. The price for the rental starts at around 11 euros per day.

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Rent a boat on Fehmarn: chartering made easy

You can hire fishing boats, motorboats, sailing boats and pedal boats on Fehmarn with or without a license. Depending on the type of boat, there are different regulations and requirements, which we have listed in our article. The boats often offer space for 2 to 6 or 8 people, some also offer space for up to 10 people. The price for the rental depends on various factors and varies quite a lot. We also offer some vacation homes and a bungalow near 3 different boat rentals, which are located in Burgtiefe at the marina.

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Motorboote und Segelboote zum mieten in einem Hafen auf Fehmarn


Kiter die mit gemieteter Wassersportausrüstung kiten

Rent water sports equipment on Fehmarn

Fehmarn is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and those who want to become one. There are numerous water sports schools and equipment rentals for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wing foiling, SUPing, wakeboarding and everything else that goes with it. There are around 20 surfing and kitesurfing spots on Fehmarn, offering the right conditions for every wind direction and skill level. The schools offer courses for children, teenagers and adults, guaranteeing that your vacation will be an unforgettable experience. We also have some accommodation close to the famous Charchulla water sports school.

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