Hafen von Burg auf Fehmarn

Rent a beach chair on Fehmarn: All rentals on the south beach

On this page you will find an overview of all current beach chair rental companies on the south beach of Fehmarn, including contact information. You will also find other interesting or relevant information about renting a beach chair on Fehmarn.

If you have any questions, complaints or would like to rent a beach chair, please contact the owners of the beach chairs themselves.

General information about the beach chairs on Fehmarn

  • Each beach chair is marked on the back with letters and a number. The letters correspond to the respective sections of the beach and the number helps you to find your basket.
  • You can always get the key to your beach chair at the respective beach hut of the landlord. The exception is Onni Beach, where the locks can also be opened electronically using a cell phone.
  • Each beach chair is secured with a wooden grille that prevents easy access to the basket. However, please do not leave any important valuables in the basket, especially overnight.
  • There are public toilets, showers and often snack bars, restaurants or bars near all beach chairs.
  • When the beach chair season on Fehmarn begins and ends varies from year to year and also depends heavily on the expected weather. It is usually between Easter and October.

Beach sections south beach Fehmarn

The south beach on Fehmarn is divided into a total of 5 beach sections. Each section is managed by a different beach chair rental company. We therefore recommend that you check which section and provider is closest to your vacation accommodation before renting a beach chair.

In this article, we have sorted the providers from west to east.

Eine Karte von Burgtiefe, mit den 5 eingezeichneten Strandabschnitten, wo die Strandkorbvermieter ihre Strandkörbe haben

Rent beach chairs from Matthias Haltermann (beach section H)

You will find Haltermann beach chair rental between beach accesses 1 to 5, closest to the vacation homes and bungalows in the west of the south beach. You can hire your beach chair at the beach chair hut on the beach promenade. Alternatively, you can also send a request online.

Costs: From 11,- Euro per day

Website: http://www.fehmarn-strandkorb.de/

Phone: 0170 18 85 055

Click for the position of the beach hut 

The beach chairs that we make available to our guests are all located in this section of the beach at Mr. Haltermann's.


Rent beach chairs from Onni Beach (beach section RA)

Onni Beach's beach chairs can be rented online on their website at any time of day, as long as there is availability. Depending on the weather, you can also rent your beach chair opposite Hotel Bene between 11 am and 3 pm. Since July 2022, they have even been offering a barrier-free beach chair that wheelchair users can drive into. There is also room for an accompanying person.

Costs: From 11,- Euro per day

Website: https://www.onnibeach.de/

Phone: 0170 92 62 611

Click for the position of the beach hut 


Mr. Cetiner also rents out beach chairs on the south beach (beach section MC)

Mr. Cetiner's beach chairs on the MC section are located in the area directly in front of the FehMare Badewelt, very centrally on the south beach. The rental of day baskets is handled exclusively on site at the rental hut. You can request beach chairs for several days online on their website. The hut is occupied daily from 09:00 depending on the weather.

Costs: From 11,- Euro per day

Website: https://www.fehmarn-strandkorb.com/

Phone: 0176 62 71 64 91

E-mail: info@fehmarn-strandkorb.com

Click for the position of the beach hut 


Rent beach chairs from Kai Rüder on the south beach (beach section R)

Kai Rüder's section is located in the middle of the south beach, in front of the high-rise buildings of the IFA Fehmarn Hotel. You can make inquiries directly on site, by phone or e-mail.

Costs: We have no current information

Phone: 0172 89 05 517

E-mail: info@gestuet-rueder.de


Strandfreunde - Tim Semmler (formerly of Lafrenz und Müller) rents out beach chairs on Fehmarn (beach section LA)

The LA beach section is located at the eastern end of the south beach near the free beach, which you can also use with your dog. You can reserve your beach chair directly on site or online. Depending on the weather, the beach chair hut is open daily from 09:00.

Costs: From 11,- Euro per day

Website: https://www.strandfreunde.net/

Phone: 0176 32 87 16 63

Click for the position of the beach hut


Vacation homes including beach chair on the south beach

If you are still looking for a vacation home or would like to have a vacation home for next year where you automatically have your beach chair, you can take a look at these apartments:

Inselblume 04

Inselblume 19

Inselblume 24

Inselblume 29

Inselblume 45

Inselblume 48

Inselblume 49

Inselblume 56

Inselblume 62

Inselblume 65

Inselblume 78

Inselblume 80

FAQ about beach chairs on Fehmarn

How much does a beach chair on Fehmarn cost per day?
The cost of a beach chair on the south beach of Fehmarn is mostly between 11 and 15 euros per day. (Status: 21.06.23)
How long do the beach chairs stand on Fehmarn?
The beach chair season on Fehmarn is usually between Easter and October. Depending on the weather and demand, some beach chairs may stay longer or be set up earlier.
Is there a webcam on the south beach so that I can check the weather?
Yes, there is a webcam with which you can check the weather and the view from the observation tower in Burgtiefe on the south beach. Here is the webcam


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