Fischkutter auf der Ostsee im Abendrot

Kitesurfing on Fehmarn

Experienced VDWS instructors train small groups with high-quality training material in ideal areas with shallow water. Learn to kite from professionals at one of the best kite spots in the Baltic Sea.
The first step is the competent teaching of all the necessary safety aspects to ensure a safe introduction to the fascination of kitesurfing.

We teach the first unit as a 4-hour block with a maximum of 4 students per instructor. Contents are all safety-relevant exercises and material science,
Flight school, take-off and landing as well as the body drag.

Incl. kite material, impact protection vest and helmet, p. p. Eur 100,-

Afterwards we offer 4 course options. 3 hours with 4 students for 80,-,3 hours with 3 students for 100,-3 hours semi-personal two students per instructor for 150,-individual lessons 65,- excl. material. 95,- incl. material. This is primarily about the water start and the first meters ridden. The course ends with the kite license (36,-) The courses start daily by arrangement. Course registration: 04371 5988

Kiting in the Burger Binnensee:
Unless otherwise decided by the Winsurfing Wulfen surf school or the Wulfener Hals camping and vacation park, the Burger Binnensee is not available for kiters from 10 am to 6 pm.
Outside the bathing zone, the Baltic Sea side is available for kiters.
Further information and registration at 04371/ 5988 and

Info about the course

Beginners course
Day 1.
Safety exercises and material knowledge, flight school, take-off and landing, body drag (without a board you are pulled through the water behind the kite and learn how to steer the kite)

Day 2.
Starting with the board and the first meters ridden The day ends with the kite license

Individual lessons
Treat yourself to something special. We tailor the course exactly to your needs. Whether you are a beginner or advanced. We have the right program for you. One instructor per student for maximum learning success.

Information about the kite license

The VDWS license is divided into different levels. From beginner to advanced. This license entitles you to rent kite equipment on vacation, for example. Furthermore, the license is becoming increasingly important because it is required in many areas.

Costs: 36 Euro incl. 2 Steps
17,50 Euro each additional step

Confirmation of the level achieved is documented with a special sticker (similar to a TÜV sticker) on the kiteboarding license card and officially registered via the Internet.

The new and extended VDWS skill level system consists of 7 levels and a theory step.

Level 1:
General safety, take-off preparation, take-off exercises, first flight exercises, bodydrag

Level 2:
Bodydrag, water start of the kite

Level 3:
Water start, at least 50 meters ridden

Technical terms, right of way rules, nature conservation, recognizing dangers

Level 4:
Riding the space sheet, steering, holding height, base jibe

Level 5:
Gain height

Level 6:
Basic jumps and glide jumps or transition jumps

Level 7:
Rotations or Kiteloop, Grabs, One Foot, Board off or Railey

Info about the spot

Kiting in the Burger Binnensee:
The Burger Binnensee is a large standing area that is available to kiters with restrictions. The Baltic side of the Wulfener Hals is open to all water sports enthusiasts without restrictions.
Further information and registration at 04371/ 5988 and