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More information on the villages of Burg, Burgstaaken, Burgtiefe and Südstrand, Landkirchen and Meeschendorf can be found below the list.

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Vacation on Fehmarn, what you should know about it

Fehmarn is an idyllic Baltic Sea island that delights visitors with its diverse landscapes, maritime flair and numerous leisure activities. Whether you are planning a family vacation, a romantic break or an active vacation, Fehmarn has something for everyone. Discover the charming villages of Burg auf Fehmarn, Burgstaaken Burgtiefe, Landkirchen and Meeschendorf and let yourself be enchanted by the island. If you Bicycles, Beach chairs, Boats orRent water sports equipment we have compiled detailed information on these topics.

Packing list and travel insurance for your vacation in vacation accommodation

To make your first stay in your vacation home as easy as possible, we have already created resources such as our Packing list for a vacation on the Baltic Sea or an article about Travel cancellation insurance created for you.

Things to know for your vacation in Burg auf Fehmarn

Burg is the center of the island and impresses with its historic old town, numerous shopping opportunities and a wide range of restaurants. In the middle of the old town you will find the market square, surrounded by beautiful half-timbered houses, restaurants and cozy cafés.

Vacation homes and vacation apartments in Burg auf Fehmarn

Here you will find many private vacation homes and vacation apartments just a few minutes from the city center. Here you are guaranteed to find the right accommodation for your vacation, whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends.

Above you will find all our vacation accommodations. Simply enter your travel dates and the number of people to filter the possible accommodations.

Activities for good and bad weather in Burg

Burg offers numerous leisure activities for all weathers. Here are some of the highlights:

In addition, there are many other activities that you can undertake in Burg.

Gastronomy in Burg auf Fehmarn

In Burg you will find a large selection of restaurants, cafés and bars. From traditional German cuisine to Italian and Greek specialties and fresh fish dishes, there is something for every taste. A few of the most popular places are:

Shopping in Burg auf Fehmarn

Burg offers numerous shopping opportunities, from small boutiques and souvenir shops to large supermarkets. Stroll through the picturesque alleyways and be inspired by the variety.

Vacation with your dog in Burg auf Fehmarn

Burg is generally a very dog-friendly town. You will find all the information you need for your vacation with your dog on Fehmarn, as well as all vacation accommodations with dogs here.

Things to know about Burgstaaken

Burgstaaken is an idyllic district of Burg on Fehmarn, located directly on the picturesque Burger Binnensee. The historic harbor and the maritime atmosphere make Burgstaaken a special place that offers relaxation and variety in equal measure.

Activities in and around Burgstaaken

In Burgstaaken and the surrounding area there are numerous ways to spend your free time. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit the Burgstaaken adventure harbor: discover the maritime flair and the history of seafaring.
  • U-Boot-Museum U11: Immerse yourself in the world of submarines and experience the exciting technology up close.
  • Sailing and boat trips: Take a sailing tour or rent a boat to explore the Burger Binnensee.
  • Deep-sea fishing: Enjoy the sea and the peace and quiet while fishing on the high seas.
  • Silo Climbing: Challenge yourself by conquering Europe's highest top-rope secured climbing facility.

Gastronomy in Burgstaaken

In Burgstaaken you will find a selection of restaurants, cafés and bars that offer something for every taste. Fresh fish dishes and regional specialties await you in a cosy atmosphere with a fantastic view of the harbour and Burgstaaken Lake.

Things to know for your vacation on the beach, in Burgtiefe

Burgtiefe, also known as Südstrand, is the most popular bathing beach and a popular vacation destination on Fehmarn. The fine sandy beach and the modern promenade invite you to relax and stroll. Here you will find numerous water sports facilities, restaurants and cafés. It is only a few minutes away from Burg auf Fehmarn or Burgstaaken. All information about activities, Vacation homes or Bungalows which are located directly on the beach, can be found here.

Things to know for your vacation in Landkirchen

Landkirchen is a tranquil village in the heart of the island that is ideal for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. The surrounding nature is perfect for walks and bike rides, while the nearby towns of Burg and Burgtiefe are within easy reach. The rest of the island, including all surf and kite spots, can also be easily reached from Landkirchen.

Vacation homes and vacation apartments in Landkirchen

There are numerous vacation accommodations in Landkirchen. With us you can enjoy the Inselblume 22, a vacation home with a dog, the cozy vacation home Inselblume 66 and the large vacation home Inselblume 05 for a relaxing vacation. Enjoy the rural idyll and the cozy ambience of the accommodations.

Activities in and around Landkirchen

In Landkirchen and the surrounding area, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy nature and unwind. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cycling tours through the picturesque landscape
  • Hiking along the fields and meadows
  • Trips or courses to the Kiting or surfing at Grünen Brink or Gold
  • Visit of the St. Peter's Church, a historical gem

Gastronomy in Landkirchen

In Landkirchen you will find several cozy inns and restaurants that serve regional specialties and fresh local produce. Enjoy the hearty cuisine and family atmosphere. Some of the most popular places are:

Shopping in Landkirchen

There are several small shops and courtyards in Landkirchen where you can buy regional products. For larger purchases and souvenir shopping, we recommend you head to Burg.

Vacation with your dog in Landkirchen

The expansive nature and the numerous hiking trails around Landkirchen are ideal for long walks. The Inselblume 05 and the Inselblume 22 You can also rent both with your dog. You can find all other information about vacationing with a dog here.

Things to know for your vacation in Meeschendorf

Meeschendorf is located on the south coast of Fehmarn and offers a beautiful natural beach for swimming and walking. The village is also a paradise for surfers and kiters, who find ideal conditions here.

Vacation homes in Meeschendorf

In Meeschendorf you will find the stylish vacation home Inselblume 57 near the beach. Here you can spend a relaxing vacation by the sea and enjoy the many leisure activities in the surrounding area.

Activities in and around Meeschendorf

In Meeschendorf and the surrounding area there are numerous ways to spend your free time. Here are a few suggestions:

Gastronomy in Meeschendorf

In Meeschendorf you will find several cozy cafés and restaurants, which are located a little further away directly at the campsite on the beach. For a larger selection you have to drive to the surrounding villages or to Burg. Enjoy the delicious food and the relaxed atmosphere.

Shopping in Meeschendorf

You won't find many shopping opportunities in Meeschendorf. To buy groceries, souvenirs and other things, you have to go to Burg, but there are real shops there, for example. Island honey.

Vacation with your dog in Meeschendorf

Dogs are also very welcome in Meeschendorf. In the Inselblume 57 You can relax together with your four-legged friend. The extensive natural beach and the surrounding hiking trails offer ideal conditions for long walks and activities with your dog. You can find more information about a vacation with your dog on Fehmarn here.

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