Hafen von Burg auf Fehmarn

The Fehmarn golf course

Golf is healthy and a lot of fun on the Fehmarn golf course. It doesn't matter what your age or handicap is, because you can play golf for as long as you like.

On an 18-hole round, you cover 7-8 km in approx. 4 hours. But you can also play only half a round - depending on your mood and time. And when you sink the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible, you'll know why golf can be so addictive.



Demanding courses

The Fehmarn golf course has many interesting but also challenging holes. The island green in the shape of the island of Fehmarn, for example, has swallowed up many a ball.

If you don't yet have a license but still want to test your talent, you can get a first impression of golf on the small 9-hole golf course.

Taster courses and golf lessons are also offered on the Fehmarn golf course.