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Rent water sports equipment on Fehmarn: Find all rental companies

On this page you will find an overview of all current bike rental companies on Fehmarn, including contact information. You will also find other interesting or relevant information about bike rental on Fehmarn.

For questions, complaints or if you need water sports equipment rent we would like to ask you to contact the equipment rental companies directly.


FAQ on kite surfing, windsurfing, wing foil and SUP

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about water sports on Fehmarn.

Where can I go surfing, kitesurfing and SUPing on Fehmarn?
There are dozens of surf spots on Fehmarn, that you can visit and use. Each spot has its own special features, so some are better and some are less suitable for beginners. Which Surfspot is best for you depends on your experience, equipment and the weather conditions.
Where can I learn kitesurfing, windsurfing, wing foil or SUP?
Most of the providers listed above also offer courses for the respective water sports. There are often different courses for children, teenagers and adults, for every ability level.
Do I have to rent my own kite, windsurf, wing foil or SUP equipment when I take a course?
No, the rental companies will provide you with the necessary equipment for the duration of the course.
Are there planned SUP tours and excursions that I can book?
Yes, there are. Many of the providers also offer tours and excursions that you can book to see Fehmarn from the sea.


Kiter die mit gemieteter Wassersportausrüstung kiten


Rental companies for kite equipment on Fehmarn

Below you will find a list of the various rental companies for kites, kiteboards and other equipment. Some of the providers also offer other equipment, e.g. for windsurfing.

Rent kite equipment from Surfshop Fehmarn in Landkirchen

The surf store in Landkirchen on Fehmarn has been around for 30 years. You can get kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP equipment there for a good price.


Website: https://www.surfshopfehmarn.de/kite/kite-verleih/

Address: Hauptstrasse 44, 23769 Fehmarn OT Landkirchen


Kitemonkey the kite rental in Fehmarnsund

At Kitemonkey in Fehmarnsund you can rent your kite equipment and SUPs and also book supervised kiting if you want more support.


Website: https://kitemonkey.de/materialmiete-fehmarn/

Address: Fehmarnsund 70, 23769 Fehmarn


Windsport Fehmarn, the surf store where you can test

Windsport Fehmarn is a large surf store located directly in Burg auf Fehmarn. You can rent equipment for kitesurfing, SUPing, wingfoiling and windsurfing there before you buy, so you can test it out before you commit.


Website: https://windsport.de/testcenter-und-verleih-auf-fehmarn

Address: Gertrudenthaler Str. 1, 23769 Fehmarn


Hire kite equipment from the Charchulla water sports school in Burgtiefe

The water sports school run by the famous Charchulla twins has been professionally training water sports enthusiasts in Burgtiefe since 1975. In addition to kites and boards, you can also get windsurfing equipment and SUPs here.


Website: https://wassersport-charchulla.de/kiten-verleih-betreutes-kiten/

Address: Am Yachthafen 2, 23769 Fehmarn


Rent kites, boards & wetsuits from Boardflash in Lemkenhafen on Fehmarn

At Boardflash you can rent windsurfing equipment, kites between 5 and 15 square meters, boards and wetsuits for your trips to the Baltic Sea.


Website: https://boardflash.de/home/

Address: Am Seglerhafen 2, 23769 Fehmarn


KiteBoarding Fehmarn in Gold rents out kite equipment

Kiteboarding Fehmarn in Gold has a large selection of equipment in all sizes, which you can rent on site if you can provide proof of "VDWS Level 5".


Website: https://www.kiteboardingfehmarn.de/

Address: Gold 1a, 23769 Fehmarn


Windsurfer auf der Ostsee auf Fehmarn


Windsurf rental on Fehmarn: Here you can find the surfboards

Here you will find an overview of rental shops that lend you windsurfing equipment. You can also get other equipment such as SUPs for beach paddling and more here.


Windsurfing Wulfen rents out windsurfing equipment and SUPs

At Windsurfing Wulfen you can get windsurfing material and equipment for stand up paddlers at the campsite.


Website: https://www.windsurfing-wulfen.de/vermietung.html

Address: Wulfener-Hals-Weg 100, 23769 Fehmarn


At Windsurfing Fehmarn in Orth, you can rent windsurfing equipment

At Windsurfing Fehmarn in Orth, you can get windsurfing equipment. As a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer up to skill level 4 to 5, you can get the equipment you need.


Website: https://windsurfing-fehmarn.de/

Address: Am Hafen 2, 23769 Fehmarn


You can rent windsurfing equipment in Lemkenhafen at the surf spot in Lemkenhafen

The surf shop in Lemkenhafen offers windsurfing equipment from TABOU and Sailloft for rent, as well as SUPs and even pedal boats.


Website: https://surfspot-fehmarn.de/

Address: Königstraße 10, 23769 Fehmarn


Rent equipment for windsurfing, SUP and kayaking at Cat-Sailing in Meeschendorf

You can also rent equipment from Cat-Sailing Südstrand in Meeschendorf. In addition to surfboards, rigs and wetsuits, you can also get SUPs and even kayaks there.


Website: http://www.cat-sailing-suedstrand.de/windsurfen.html

Address: Camping-Südstrand, 23769 Fehmarn


Junge auf einem SUP Board mit SUP Paddel auf der Ostsee bei Fehmarn


Rent SUP boards and other equipment for stand up paddling

The following providers mainly offer equipment for stand-up paddling. However, you can also get surfboards or pedal boats from some of them.


SUP rental on the south beach at Wasserspaß Fehmarn

At Wasserspaß Fehmarn, you can rent SUPs directly on the south beach to enjoy a fun full-body workout on the Baltic Sea and pass the time. You can also rent pedal boats there.


Website: https://www.wasserspassfehmarn.de/stand-up-paddling/

Address: Zur Strandpromenade 6, 23769 Fehmarn


SUP rental in Katharinenhof at the Kitebros

Not only can you take kite courses at the kitebros, but you can also rent SUPs so you can relax and enjoy your time at sea, even when there's no wind.


Website: https://www.kitebro.de/

Address: Katharinenhof Campingplatz, 23769 Fehmarn


SUP rental at the Inselhof in Westermarkelsdorf

At the Inselhof in Westermarkelsdorf in the northwest of Fehmarn, you can conquer the Baltic Sea with a SUP board and paddle. You can get everything you need on site.


Website: https://www.inselhof-fehmarn.de/sup-verleih

Address: Westermarkelsdorf Nr. 2, 23769 Fehmarn


Rent a SUP at the ahoi Camp in Altenteil on Fehmarn

The shallow water at the Altenteil surfing and kitesurfing spot makes the location perfect for beginners and advanced surfers who want to get out on the Baltic Sea without the wind. An evening trip to enjoy the sunset from the water can be particularly rewarding.


Website: https://ahoi-camp-fehmarn.de/stand-up-paddling/

Address: Altenteil 21, 23769 Fehmarn


Rent SUPs and surfboards from Surf and Fashion in Burg

Surf and Fashion is located directly in Burg, near the "Gerro" parking lot. There you can rent a wide range of SUP boards and paddles, as well as surfboards. You can then simply load the equipment into your car and take it with you to any beach on Fehmarn.


Website: https://www.surfandfashion.net/sup/

Address: Osterstraße 17, 23769 Fehmarn


SUP rental SUP54 in Fehmarnsund

In fact, SUP54 SUPs are rented out from Kitemonkey which we have already linked to above. As SUP54 still offers its own station, as well as courses and tours, we wanted to include it here anyway.


Website: https://www.sup54.de/sup-schule-und-verleih-fehmarn-camping-miramar/

Address: Fehmarnsund, 23769 Fehmarn


Person beim Wing Foiling auf Fehmarn


You can rent wing foil equipment on Fehmarn here

Unfortunately, there is currently no one on Fehmarn who rents or hires out wingfoil equipment. However, it is still possible to learn and enjoy wingfoiling in combination with courses. Otherwise you test and buy Wingfoil Equipment at Surfshop Fehmarn if you have the necessary qualifications.


Test water sports equipment at the Fehmarn Surf Festival

Every year in May, Europe's largest outdoor windsurfing fair takes place on Fehmarn. Here you can not only enjoy a great atmosphere, music and an exciting supporting program, but also test the latest windsurf SUP foil wing equipment free of charge. You can register online or on site and there are only a few requirements that need to be met. You can find more information on the Fehmarn Surf Festival.



Do you want to rent vacation accommodation for surfers and kiters?

Here you will find a large selection of different vacation rentals. If you are starting out with water sports courses and don't have your own equipment that needs to dry or want to go to the surf festival, you can take a look at our vacation homes on the south beach. Otherwise, the following vacation accommodations are ideal for you because you can spread out and dry your equipment there:


Inselblume 82 Inselblume 27
Inselblume 70 Inselblume 22
Inselblume 57 Inselblume 05
Inselblume 28


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