Hafen von Burg auf Fehmarn

Rent a boat on Fehmarn: every boat rental listed

On this page you will find an overview of all current boat rental companies on Fehmarn, including contact information. You will also find other interesting or relevant information about boat hire on Fehmarn.

For questions, complaints or if you need a boat rent we would ask you to contact the boat rental companies yourself.


Do I need a license to rent a boat on Fehmarn?

No, you don't need a license for every boat in order to drive it. As a general rule in Germany, you are allowed to drive boats with a power output of up to 15 hp or 11.03 kW without a license.

For boats with more horsepower, you need a sports or motorboat license.


What types of boats can I charter on Fehmarn?

On Fehmarn, you can charter a wide variety of boats with or without a boating license (SBF). Most motorboats can also be used for fishing trips.

  • Motorboats (up to 15 hp, license-free)
  • Fishing boats (up to 15 hp, license-free)
  • Sailing boats, with and without motor (with license or sailing license)
  • Pedal boats (license-free)


Which boat rental companies for motorboats are there on Fehmarn?

There are several motorboat rental companies on Fehmarn where you can hire boats for your excursion on the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea charter boats, in Burgtiefe at the marina near the south beach

This provider offers many motorboats in different sizes, which you can use for excursions or fishing trips with a maximum of 6 people per boat.


Rents boats without a license: ✅ Yes

Rents out boats with a license: ✅ Yes

Phone: 0157 58 26 58 34.

Website: https://ostsee-charterboote.de/.


Neumann Boats, in Burgtiefe at the marina near the Charchulla water sports school

This boat rental service offers various motorboats with space for up to 8 people. Most boats can also be hired without a license.


Rents boats without a license: ✅ Yes

Rents out boats with a license: ✅ Yes

Phone: 0177 64 43 258.

Website: https://www.fehmarn-boote.de/.


Gittis boat rental in the Orther harbor in Orth on Fehmarn

Gittis boat rental from the Lorenzen family offers you 2 different motorboats. One is a former shrimp cutter with space for up to 10 people and the other is a smaller motorboat with space for a maximum of 3 people.


Rents boats without a license: ✅ Yes

Rents out boats with a license: ✅ Yes

Phone: 0177 14 11 692 or 0177 14 11 691.

Website: https://www.gittisbootsverleih.de/.


Taro charter boats at the Miramar campsite in Fehmarnsund

Taro Charterboote offers various motorboats. You can hire most of the boats without a boating license. The boats offer space for 2 to 5 people and are also suitable for deep-sea fishing.


Rents boats without a license: ✅ Yes

Rents out boats with a license: ✅ Yes

Phone: 0171 19 82 250.

Website: http://fehmarn-bootsverleih.de/.


Boat rental Beelitz on Fehmarn

Bootsverleih Beelitz has discontinued its boat rental service in order to concentrate on other services offered by its company.


Which boat charters for sailing boats are available on Fehmarn?

There are 2 boat rentals on Fehmarn where you can hire motorized and non-motorized sailing boats.


Sailing school Orth in Orth on Fehmarn

At the sailing school you can hire a sailless motorboat and 2 different sailing boats. For all boats you need a pleasure craft license (SBF) and/or a basic sailing license.


Rents out boats without a license: ❌ No

Rents out boats with a license: ✅ Yes

Phone: 0175 40 67 999.

Website: https://www.segelschuleorthauffehmarn.de/bootsverleih.


Charchulla water sports school in Burgtiefe on Fehmarn

You can hire various sailing boats from the water sports school. For all boats you need a junior or basic sailing license as well as a junior sailing license or the SBF-Binnen under sail.


Rents out boats without a license: ❌ No

Rents out boats with a license: ✅ Yes

Phone: 04371 34 00.

Website: https://wassersport-charchulla.de/segeln-verleih-preise/.


Which boat rentals for pedal boats are there on Fehmarn?

On Fehmarn there is a pedal boat rental directly on the south beach on Fehmarn. There are pedal boats with and without a water slide and can be used alone with parental consent from the age of 10. The pedal boats cannot be reserved in advance, but are only handed out on request on the beach. The pedal boats offer space for up to 5 people.


Rents boats without a license: ✅ Yes

Website: https://www.wasserspassfehmarn.de/tretboote/.


Rent jet skis on Fehmarn, what you need to know

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to hire jet skis on Fehmarn. One of the boat rental companies used to offer jet skis for hire, but unfortunately they were stolen. Since then, jet skis can no longer be hired on Fehmarn.


Can I rent a vacation home or bungalows near boat rentals?

We rent out a number of vacation homes and a bungalow, which are located directly in Burgtiefe on the south beach. Near the vacation rentals you will find the boat rental Ostsee Charterboote, Neumann Boote and the water sports school Charchulla.


FAQ about boat rental on Fehmarn

Do I need a fishing license if I want to go fishing on Fehmarn?
Yes, a fishing license is required to go fishing on Fehmarn. You can find more information about fishing licenses and vacation fishing licenses here.Fishing licenses and vacation fishing licenses.
Can I go deep-sea fishing without hiring my own boat?
Yes, the Neumann shipping company offers fishing trips.Fishing trips.
Can I also take the boat to the Baltic Sea and swim there?
Some of the boats allow you to get in and out of the water easily. However, always pay attention to your safety first. The currents in the Baltic Sea are often greatly underestimated and can cause you or your companions to drift away in a very short time, which can be life-threatening.
I've never been on a boat before, will I be able to do it?
There are a few traffic rules to observe when boating. You should ask the landlord to explain these rules to you if he or she does not do so automatically.
What should I look out for if I want to rent a boat?
The boat will have everything you need for your safety on board. You should also make sure you have enough drinks, snacks or meals and sun cream. The sea reflects the sun's rays, which means you can get sunburnt more quickly. If you or your companions have never been on a boat before, it can be a good idea to take travel tablets or other over-the-counter medication against seasickness with you as a precaution. Pay attention to any interactions if you are taking other medication.
Can I drink alcoholic beverages on the boat?
It is best to ask the rental companies about their rules. In general, a blood alcohol limit of 0.5 per mille applies in German waters. If you are carrying passengers on a motorized boat, the limit is 0.0 per mille. If this limit is exceeded, you may be fined between 350 and 2,500 euros and have your driver's license revoked. In serious cases, prison sentences may also be imposed. German waters a per mille limit.
What is the difference between "renting" or "renting" and "chartering"?
There is no difference. In common parlance, "renting" or "hiring" is often used for all vehicles and aircraft. The term "chartering" is used in specialist circles for renting boats or airplanes.


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