Fischkutter auf der Ostsee im Abendrot

General terms and conditions

1) Agency activity

The company Inselblume Fehmarn (owner Beate Blum) mediates vacation apartments/holiday homes. Contractual partner for the tenant is always the respective owner/landlord.

2) Conclusion of the rental contract

The stated prices are valid for bookings until a new price list is published. With your booking you offer the landlord the conclusion of a binding rental contract. For the landlord, the contract becomes binding only when the booking has been confirmed by us in the form of a booking confirmation and invoice. If the content of the confirmation differs from the content of the booking, we are bound to this new offer for 7 days. The rental contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer if you declare your acceptance to us within this period. No travel contract is concluded, as we are not a tour operator in the sense of the law and for all offers in our price section, including special offers, the accommodation service constitutes the essential main service. Other services are only of secondary importance in each case.

3) Payment

30 % of the invoice amount is due 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice. The remaining amount 6 weeks before the beginning of the rental period. Invoice amounts under 200,- € and amounts for short-term bookings are due immediately. The payment terms will be printed on the invoice. We ask for punctual compliance, otherwise your booking is at risk. If the payment terms are exceeded by more than 7 days, the landlord has an extraordinary right of termination without special prior notice. The tenant bears the costs according to point 4), point 5) and if necessary point 6). The access to the vacation apartment is granted to the tenant only if the rent due by the binding / written booking including the corresponding invoice, is received in full on our account, according to the corresponding payment terms, before the start of the vacation. In the case of short-term bookings (up to 5 days before arrival), payment must be made in cash or by card at the latest on the day of arrival at our office on site. Only after payment of the full rental amount, the tenant will be handed over the key and granted access to the accommodation. Extension days, which are booked at short notice on site, are to be paid in cash in our office before the beginning of the extension.

4) Additional costs / tourist tax

Additional costs like electricity or water as well as the final cleaning are included in the rent.

The city of Fehmarn charges a tourist tax of € 2,30 in the period from May 15th to September 14th or € 1,50 in the period from September 15th to May 14th per day, for all persons over 18 years. We are legally obligated to collect this tourist tax from each tenant and pay it to Fehmarn Touristik.

5) Total rent

The amount of the rent and the additional services can be found in our price list during the booking process. The costs for the final cleaning and the booking fee are included in the one-time additional services. The price for the Ostseecard, per adult/day € 2,30 in the high season and € 1,50 in the low season, is added to the final price. We confirm the booking by e-mail with booking confirmation and invoice. It is considered as firmly agreed. Changes in the actual length of stay do not reduce it. In case of claiming discounts only the highest discount rate is valid. Accumulation of several discounts is not possible. All prices quoted include the applicable statutory value-added tax (VAT).

6) Withdrawal by the tenant / Cancellations

Before the start of the booked date, you can withdraw from the rental contract at any time by written declaration. To avoid misunderstandings, this is only possible in writing or by e-mail, not by telephone. Our claim to the agreed remuneration remains valid, even if you do not start your vacation, the reasons for the non-arrival are irrelevant. Cancellations are only possible for the entire period.

Partial cancellation is impossible! In the case of a cancellation, we are entitled to a flat-rate reimbursement of costs as a percentage of the rental amount according to the following scale, but in any case a processing fee of € 50 is due:

- up to 42 days before the start of the trip, no cancellation fees other than the €50 processing fee

- from the 41st day before the start of the trip 100 % of the travel amount

- in the event of a no-show, the entire rent is due.

If the object can be re-rented under the same conditions in case of short-term non-attendance, the tenant has to pay a reasonable extra charge of 15 % of the proportional rent. For booking changes (only possible in the same business year) a lump sum of € 25,00 will be charged. If the rental period remains the same or the rental price remains the same or is higher, no further costs will be incurred. In the event of a reduction in the rental price, 15% of the difference will be charged as a processing fee in addition to the flat-rate rebooking fee. The lump-sum damages for loss of rent and additional expenses can be reduced by subletting or saved expenses. You have the option to provide evidence of a lesser damage. Cancellation insurance with your insurer.

7) Cancellation by the landlord

The landlord reserves the right to withdraw from the rental contract free of charge if there is an objective reason for doing so. Factual reasons are in particular

a) uninhabitability of the rental object

b) legal prohibition, or inadmissibility of the rental of the rental property, by the city of Fehmarn or another authority

c) or similar reasons

The landlord will try to provide the tenant with an equivalent vacation home if possible. If no other apartment is available, the tenant will receive a full refund of all amounts paid up to that point. The withdrawal of the landlord will be sent by registered mail.

8) Special conditions

a) The occupancy can be made according to the maximum number of persons mentioned in the apartment descriptions and only with the persons announced by name on the booking.

b) Bringing pets of any kind is only allowed in some apartments, this is noted on our homepage at the respective apartment. Pets must be announced at the time of booking.

c) The tenants are obliged to treat the object and its contents with care and only to use it with the contractually agreed number of persons. Please check your rented object, inventory and other items directly on the day of arrival. Please report missing or damaged inventory or furnishings immediately by phone or in person at our office. We want to take care of you in the best possible way, for this we need your assistance. Damage and lost inventory and other rental items are to be reimbursed by the tenant. The tenant is also liable for his fellow travelers.

d) During the stay the tenant is responsible for the ongoing cleaning. At departure is to be observed: The object is to be handed over by the tenant neat and clean. This includes: vacuuming/sweeping the floor, cleaning the dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, etc. emptying the refrigerator, disposing of garbage and recyclable materials (glass, plastic), etc. The list is not exhaustive.

The landlord takes over: Window, door, furniture, seating arrangements, wet cleaning as well as general basic final cleaning. This final cleaning will be charged extra. In case of insufficient cleanliness at handover, damages or missing inventory, the landlord is entitled to charge extra.

e) If the booked rental object is not available in time due to adverse circumstances, the tenant grants the landlord a grace period until 6 pm. If a remedy is not possible within this grace period, the landlord provides a replacement object at least in the same category. If this replacement is not satisfactory, the tenant is entitled to withdraw free of charge. If, despite all efforts, no replacement object can be provided, the landlord will refund the full rental amount. Further claims are excluded.

f) In case of unexpected complaints regarding the cleanliness of the apartment, the tenant has to report this by phone to our office +49 (0)4371 / 86 42 01 on the day of arrival until 5 pm at the latest. The tenant gives the landlord the opportunity to rectify the situation. Later complaints can not be considered!

g) The landlord endeavors to provide the tenant with an unrestricted Internet connection (only available in individual objects) as well as properly functioning, technical devices (e.g. TV ). If the technical equipment and/or the Internet should fail temporarily, this does not entitle the tenant to a reduction in rent.

h) Outside the statutory quiet periods (see item 9), the Tenant shall allow the Landlord to carry out gardening work such as mowing the lawn, watering the lawn, etc., as well as urgently required repair work within the apartment by arrangement. Any noise disturbance resulting from this shall not entitle the Tenant to a reduction in rent.

i) The apartment is to be locked by the tenant on the day of departure. The apartment key is to be handed in at the office or put into the mailbox for key returns.

9) Quiet times

The tenant as well as his fellow travelers have to observe the legal quiet times (10 pm to 7 am and 1 pm to 3 pm). In case of gross violations, the landlord is entitled to termination without notice even without prior warning. In this case, the tenant shall not be entitled to a partial refund of the rent.

10) Visitors

Only the persons registered at the time of booking are allowed to use the accommodation.

11) Parking space

A car parking space is available at or on the property. Charging of e-cars at the vacation property is explicitly prohibited!

12) Liability

Every guest is obliged to treat the inventory and the apartment with care. He is also obliged to immediately compensate the landlord for any damage caused by him.

13) Arrival and departure

The booked object is available on the day of arrival from 4 pm and must be checked out by 10 am on the day of departure.

14) Data protection

Personal data is stored in the context of the administration and customer service as far as necessary by EDP. For the purpose of the creation of offers / invoicing at the conclusion of the contract / creation of the tourist tax. Data that are only used for the preparation of offers will be deleted after 90 days or upon revocation. Data, which are raised with rendering of invoice, are stored after the legal defaults, like e.g. the tax authorities, this includes also the passing on of the data. A passing on of the data to other parties beyond this does not take place.

15) Errors

We reserve the right to correct errors as well as misprints and miscalculations.

16) Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Oldenburg in Holstein

17) Salvatore clause

Should individual points of this contract be legally invalid, they shall apply mutatis mutandis. The remaining provisions of the contract shall continue to apply in any case.

Our bank details:

Owner: Beate Blum
Bank: Sparkasse Holstein
IBAN: DE72 2135 2240 0189 7697 55