Blick auf die Fehmarnsundbrücke aus der Nähe des Fehmarnsunds

The Fehmarnsundbrücke: Everything you need to know

The Fehmarnsundbrücke, also affectionately called by the locals “Kleiderbügel” or even “Die Brücke des Friedens”, is one of Fehmarn's most famous landmarks. Every person visiting Fehmarn from Germany will drive over this bridge.

You can find all the interesting facts and figures about the bridge here on this page.

The most important key data on the Fehmarnsundbrücke:

Nickname Clothes hanger
Length (span) 248 Meter
Length (total) 963 Meter
Width 21 Meter
Height to roadway 23 Meter
Height from roadway 45 Meter
Total height 68 Meter
Water depth Up to 11 meters
Start of construction 30th of January 1960
Opened on 30th of April 1963
Construction time 3 years, 3 months (1,186 days)
Costs for the construction 43 million German marks
Costs for the transit Free of charge
Owner Federal Railway Directorate Hamburg and the State of Schleswig-Holstein
Fehmarnsundbrücke hotline for closures & traffic +49 4321 49 98 490 or +49 431 383 0

Construction of the Fehmarnsundbrücke

The original plan to build a bridge over the Fehmarnsund existed as early as 1912. The original idea was to build a pure railroad bridge. However, it was then decided to turn it into a railroad and freeway bridge, and construction began in 1941. Due to the war, construction work was halted a year later.

In 1952, work began again on planning a Fehmarnsund crossing. After a competition was announced and the best designs were rewarded with 65,000 marks, the contract was awarded to the team around Chief engineer Helmut Wild.

Bridge construction technology in combination with rail and highway guidance was an absolute world first at the time.

The aim of the bridge construction was to reduce the average travel time on the Bird flight line from Hamburg to Copenhagen.

The Fehmarnsundbrücke today: renovation and conversion

The Fehmarnsundbrücke has been a listed monument since 1999. It is also known as "The Bridge of Peace" and is a symbol of the rapprochement between Germany and Denmark after the war.

Demolition is therefore out of the question.

The reason why there was talk of demolition was because a Fehmarnbelt crossing is to be built in addition to the Fehmarnsundbrücke. Load tests for the new traffic volume caused by this crossing have shown that the bridge would not be able to withstand it.

For this reason, possible solutions had to be sought. In addition to demolition, there was also the option of building additional bridges or a tunnel.

In the end, it was then decided that a tunnel is the best option for preserving the landscape and ensuring road safety and traffic reliability.

As the Fehmarnsundbrücke is to remain open, it is currently being completely renovated. This is because it is to remain open for slow traffic such as pedestrians, cyclists, tractors or cars with trailers.

Among other things, all of the bridge's steel cables will be replaced during renovation work, which began in 2022.

Work on the Fehmarnsundbrücke, which is over 60 years old, is due to be completed in 2027.

A detailed overview of the Progress of the construction work on the Fehmarnsundbrücke is available from Deutsche Bahn.

What was before the Fehmarnsundbrücke?

Before the Fehmarnsundbrücke existed, locals and visitors traveled across the Fehmarnsund by ferry. There has actually been a ferry connection since the beginning of the 13th century.

The first motorized ferry came into service in 1903. It was even equipped with a railroad track that could transport up to 2 freight cars.

From 1927, there was a second ferry that could even transport passenger coaches. This ferry remained in service until the bridge was completed.

Afterwards, it was sold to Italy, where it remained in service until 2010.

Is it possible to cycle or walk across the Fehmarnsundbrücke?

Yes, in general it is possible, but due to the construction work it is currently and until further notice only possible with a free bus shuttle. More information can be found on the Notice from the town of Fehmarn and the Bus shuttle timetable.


Is the Fehmarnsundbrücke subject to tolls or generally fee-based?

No, using the Fehmarnsundbrücke is completely free of charge, there are no fees and no tolls.

Is the Fehmarnsundbrücke currently closed due to wind or an accident?

You can check the current traffic status either via the Digital Atlas North or you can also call the Landesbetrieb für Straßenbau und Verkehr Schleswig-Holstein: +49 431 383 0

Alternatively, there is this hotline for wind and storm-related closures: +49 4321 49 98 490

In general, the bridge is closed to cars with trailers and empty trucks from a wind force of 8 Beaufort (62-72 km/h). Full closures may occur from 9 Beaufort (75-8 km/h).

Bicycle tour to the Fehmarnsundbrücke

There are numerous cycle tours on Fehmarn that allow you to explore the entire island. There is also a really impressive tour along the Fehmarnsundbrücke.

Is it still possible to visit and climb the Fehmarnsundbrücke?

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at the moment, as it is prevented by the construction work there. Perhaps it will be possible again once the work has been completed.

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