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Jimi Hendrix memorial stone on Fehmarn: Monument and reminder of the last concert

The Jimi Hendrix memorial on Fehmarn is not just a simple memorial stone. It is a place of remembrance for one of the greatest guitarists of all time and his last open-air concert. This monument stands as a symbol of Hendrix's unforgettable performance at the Love and Peace Festival in September 1970.


Who was Jimi Hendrix?

James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, born November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington, is known not only as one of the most influential guitarists in the history of rock music, but also as a pioneer in the use of distortion and audio feedback in his music. With his unique playing style, unmistakable sound and hits such as "Purple Haze", "Hey Joe" and "Voodoo Child" he revolutionized the music world.

Hendrix was known for his energetic live performances, during which he often played his guitar with his teeth or set it on fire.


Where did he give his last open air concert?

Hendrix gave his last open-air concert on Fehmarn at the Love-and-Peace-Festival. The festival, which is often referred to as the German answer to Woodstock, attracted around 25,000 music fans. Despite the rain and storm, Hendrix performed and thrilled the fans with a 75-minute performance that was longer than contracted. It was a memorable event that went down in history despite the chaotic conditions and technical difficulties.


Where did Jimi Hendrix make his last appearance?

Although Fehmarn was his last open-air performance, Hendrix still had a jam session at the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, on September 16, 1970, in London before his tragic death. So Fehmarn was not his last concert, but his last open-air performance. After this performance, he went back to his hotel room with his girlfriend. In the early morning of September 18, 1970, she found him there unconscious and admitted him to hospital.

He then died there. An overdose of drugs was initially suspected as the cause of death, but he actually choked on his vomit after taking a large dose of sleeping pills with alcohol.


The Jimi Hendrix Revival Festival on the island of Fehmarn

From 1995 until 2010, the annual Jimi Hendrix Revival Festival takes place. It celebrates the legacy of Hendrix with up to 25,000 visitors. The festival attracts fans from all over the world and offers a mix of live music, art and culture.

From 2011, the festival was banned by the Ostholstein district for nature conservation reasons. Until 2017, the organizers of the Fehmarn Festival Group, tried to take legal action against it. Unfortunately without success.

From 2017, the Revival Festival will be held at a new location. Unfortunately, this location in Strukkamp offers significantly less space, which is why it can only be held in a slimmed-down form. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth a visit.

The free 23rd Jimi Hendrix Revival Festival will take place on 01.09. from 6 pm and on 02.09.2023 from 11 am at Strukkamp 29, in 23769 Fehmarn. Among others, "Gun Calles Britney", "Omega" and "Thirsty Mamas" are expected.


Where and what is the Jimi Hendrix memorial stone on Fehmarn?

The monument, a memorial stone, stands at the site of the festival near the Flügger beach. It is a 6.5-ton boulder with an engraved guitar and an inscription commemorating Hendrix and his performance. The stone was erected in 1997 and has attracted fans from all over the world ever since.


Parking to get to the Jimi Hendrix memorial

The memorial stone is accessible all year round on the beach in Függe. Parking is available nearby, and from there it is a short walk to the memorial. There are also special cycle tours that take visitors directly to the memorial stone.

The closest parking lots are the Parking lot Püttsee and the Parking lot “Hof Flügge”.


How are the reviews of the memorial stone?

The memorial stone is a popular destination for fans and music lovers. Many describe it as a "moving place" and a "must for every Hendrix fan". Numerous positive reviews can be found on platforms such as TripAdvisor.

On TripAdvisor it is rated with 3.5 out of 5 possible stars.


Who made the Jimi Hendrix memorial stone on Fehmarn?

The memorial stone was designed and carved in 1997 by local artist and stonemason Andreas Lewerenz to commemorate Hendrix and his last open-air concert. A 2.5 m high and 6.5 t boulder was used for this. Mr. Lewerenz is still active as a stonemason on Fehmarn and carries out commissioned work as a partner of Naturstein-Wolf.


Cycling tours & pictures to the Jimi Hendrix memorial on Fehmarn

There are numerous cycle tours that lead to the memorial stone. Many visitors share their pictures and experiences online to keep the memory of Hendrix alive. There are also special tours that highlight the history of Hendrix and the festival.



Do you want to Rent a bike to visit the monument? Then follow the link to get to an overview of all bike rental companies on Fehmarn.